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Delay Aging

Aging is a natural process that everyone has to go through. We must accept it with grace and not to counter it. The important point is how to better enjoy yourself given the remaining years of life. There is no such herb that brings back your youth. Otherwise, all the powerful emperors would still be alive today! Nevertheless, there exist plenty of herbs that can improve your health and delay the aging process. Better health means you enjoy life more and longer while aging.

Aging appears in various forms. It gradually comes on after you reach early fifties. It usually shows in the form of: graying, wrinkles, less energy, decreasing fertility, higher blood pressure, menopause, joint pains, loss of coordination and memory. If these aging signs occur too early, it means the body deteriorates too fast. It is sad to think that life deteriorates after a certain age. Although inevitable, we can influence the pace of deterioration by conscious action.

Do you notice how you lead your life affects your aging process? Those who are conscious about maintaining good health usually live healthier and longer. It only involves observing some simple rules: practice moderation, exercise everyday, eat three meals regularly, eat a variety of food, and don't let the trivial and petty things get into you.

A Chinese prescription to delay aging involves:

  • Apply herbs for general strengthening of the body.
  • Nourish the blood and enhance its circulation.
  • Strengthen particular organs if necessary.
  • Restore the balance between body organs which is increasingly disrupted by aging.

April 2014