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Digestion Page

Digestive Problems

The stomach is perhaps the most grumpy organ because it will somehow let you know when you are not doing the right thing. If you eat the wrong stuff, your stomach will throw up right away or give you other discomforts such as pain, cramps, gas, indigestion, or even sleeplessness. You will likely suffer from lack of energy if your stomach does not digest well resulting in less nutrients being absorbed into the body. When you are under stress, your stomach feels the same and behaves strangely like no appetite or over-craving. So a digestive problem originating from the stomach carries a host of associated symptoms.

Your eating habit affects your digestive system in a significant way. To cultivate a strong and robust stomach, please do the following: eat three meals regularly, sit down and eat, chew well and enjoy your meals, drink enough water with your meals to facilitate digestion, don't over or under-eat, and eat a variety of food. How many people stick to these simple rules in our busy life?

Digestive problems tend to divert attention to all the associated symptoms rather than the root cause. The availability of so many kinds of non-prescription drugs illustrates.

A Chinese herbal prescription emphasizes the root cause by enhancing the robustness of the digestive system. It involves the following approaches:

  • Gradual nourishing the stomach back to normal.
  • Strengthen the organs of the digestive system (It won't make you over-eat).
  • Improve appetite or low absorption of nutrients to increase energy (It won't make you fat).
  • Reduce the symptoms of digestive problems such as pain, gas, indigestion, etc.

April 2014