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Fertility Enhancement

My mother used to wonder why so many young couples of today have problems reproducing. When she was young, she wanted to produce less after giving birth to five kids in a row.

The stressful lifestyle of the modern world largely explains the problem of low fertility. The stresses are more mental than physical because life has become much more complicated. The persistent stress has a negative impact on the things we enjoy most as natural persons. What are those things? Eat, sleep, and sex. In addition to the daily stress, how many times have we heard other people advising us on TV or otherwise how to do those simple things?

The fertility problem of today arises mainly from the following: both husband and wife working, the stresses at work that usually spill over to life at home, the expenses of raising a child, and so on. As a result, both husband and wife enjoy less their intimate times together.

Fertility is a gift of nature when a couple enjoy life together. Sex should not be thought of as a mechanical performance, but a natural enjoyment of life.

Many young females follow the advice of timing for fertility. It involves measuring the temperature orally to assess ovulation, and keeping a record of the measurements. On the other hand, many males are obsessed with duration and performance but forget the ingredients of atmosphere and mood. The mechanical aspects of these kinds of practice to enhance fertility do not take into account the important simple fact of sexual enjoyment, which is the best way for successful fertilization. A romantic and relaxing weekend for two will probably achieve a much better result.

Besides stress and mechanical practices, many low fertility cases relate to real health issues such as: low libido, low sperm count, erectile dysfunction, weak uterus and kidneys, irregular menstruation, and general body weakness. All of these can be treated with Chinese herbs.

The Chinese approach to fertility involves:

  • Strengthen the kidneys and sex organs.
  • Nourish the blood and strengthen its circulation.
  • Regulate the menstrual cycle if necessary.
  • Boost sexual desire if necessary.
  • Restore the balance of body functions disturbed by stress, especially calming the liver.

April 2014