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Hemorrhoid is considered a form of skin rash in Chinese treatment because of its association with excess Heat in the body. Please click Skin Rash for more details.

The difference with hemorrhoid is its fixed location near the anus. Hence it demands extra care with regard to sanitation and bowel movement. A serious hemorrhoid may require surgery to remove.

When taking a bath everyday, gently wash the hemorrhoid area to keep it clean. Take care not to scratch it. The reason why hemorrhoid is so difficult to heal is usually due to hard stool that inevitably will scratch or tear it. Some people may agree that hard stool causes the hemorrhoid in the first place, and also prevents it from healing.

Therefore soft stool is an important factor for hemorrhoid to heal. Soft should not be mistaken with diarrhea, which is watery and sometimes difficult to hold, but nothing physically wrong unless uncontrollable. You would rather prefer soft than hard because of the ease of bowel movement. How to promote softness? Drink enough water. Develop the habit of daily bowel movement. Eat more fruits, vegetables, and other food with high fiber content. Finally, eat less spicy and barbecued food that tend to generate excess Heat.

A Chinese herbal prescription for hemorrhoid involves:

  • Reduce excess Heat in the body.
  • Reduce toxicity in the blood.
  • Enhance water regulation in the body for soft stool.
  • Strengthen stomach to facilitate digestion.
  • Facilitate bowel movement if necessary.

April 2014