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Herbalist John Fung helps you improve your health the natural way with advice and herbal prescriptions customized to your needs. John represents the second generation to continue the family herbal profession passed on by his father, Master Fung Fung, who retired in 2006 after seventy years of practice in Asia and America.

Chinese herbs are for non-emergency use, and are most suitable for prevention and chronic conditions. Due to their gentle nature, Chinese herbs work best in a mixture that creates a healing synergy. The herbalist prescribes the mixture consisting of about a dozen herbs tailor-made for the individual's unique health problems. The mixture can be taken as an herb tea, or ground to fine powder to make herbal capsules.

Chinese herbs are very effective for the following: skin rash, beauty enhancement, female fertility, virility, cancer recovery, anxiety and sleeplessness, flu and cough, joint pains, allergies, digestive problems, low energy, delay aging, detox, menopause and so on.

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