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Joint Pain Page

Joint Pains

Five different causes of joint pain exist. The first one is due to age and worsens with time. The second one is due to over-exertion or over-work, which will get better after enough rest. The third one results from over-exposure to cold, wet and windy weather. It will get better after a period of rest and treatment. The fourth one is temporary that usually accompanies a flu or fever. It will disappear when the fever passes. The fifth one is rare and results from some complicated causes.

Joint pain is like a volcano that may erupt or stay dormant. Since the body is full of joints, pain and swelling may occur at various locations where the joints are weakened. Joint pain is influenced by what we do. Most seniors like to retire to warm and sunny Florida or Arizona to reduce the joint pains induced by the harsh winter climate of the north. Athletes, dancers, and laborers tend to suffer from severe joint pains due to the demands of their professions.

To guard against joint pains, try to do three things: First, do not over-exert. Second, protect yourself from cold, wet and windy weather by wearing sufficient clothing. Third, eat a nutritious diet to strengthen the bones and joints.

Joint pain is given many technical names, a common one being rheumatoid arthritis. The Chinese name is wind/wet disease or old folks' ailment because it is aggravated by bad weather or age.

The pains in the joints are only the symptoms. Treating the symptoms with painkillers works temporarily. Other common treatments include hot bath, external ointments and massage that promote the blood circulation to reduce pain or swelling. The root cause is the weakening or degeneration of the joints. So it requires strengthening the bones and joints through nutrition and gentle exercise. It also involves avoiding over-exertion of the body, and over-exposure to bad weather.

A Chinese herbal prescription must address the following:

  • Strengthen the bones and joints.
  • Improve the blood circulation to drive out the wind, cold and damp absorbed into the body.
  • Regulate the water in the body in case of swollen joints

April 2014