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Low Energy

Low energy is one of the most common symptoms due to a variety of reasons. When something is not going right, your body will likely give you low energy in addition to other problems.

You can easily recover from low energy by resting, or eating a snack. If the low energy persists for days or weeks, there may exist other conditions that are not as obvious. The following conditions normally brings low energy: flu, joint pains, nasal allergy, digestive problems, stress, menstrual irregularity, menopause, slow blood circulation, general weakness, or some serious matter. Treating low energy requires first finding out its origin. Blindly boosting your energy may bring negative results. Addressing the root cause will restore your energy automatically.

A Chinese herbal prescription emphasizes the root cause as shown by the following approach:

  • In case of flu or stress, don't apply energy-boosting herbs. Use Cold or REN herbs instead (Click the Blogs Page for further details).
  • Strengthen and balance the relevant organs that are weak with the appropriate herbs.
  • Use menstrual herbs if applicable.
  • Use herbs that boost blood circulation.
  • Use herbs that soothe and nourish the liver.

April 2014