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Menstrual Page

Menstrual and Menopause

Menstrual symptoms can be categorized as too much, too little, too frequent, and delayed. When approaching the cessation of ovulation at an older age, menopause begins that stretches the menstrual cycle longer and longer until it stops completely.

The disruptions of menstrual problems are complex. They affect a woman's mood, behavior and fertility besides discomforts such as pains, cramps, energy, pimples, and hot flash. Despite all these, this is a natural life process that should be viewed and managed positively. The best thing medicine should do is to help alleviate the symptoms rather than countering nature.

There exist plenty of Chinese herbs to help regulate the menstrual cycle because most of the disruptions result from menstrual irregularities. Note that regular menstrual does not mean an absolute amount of blood every month because it varies from person to person. It only means the cycle is managed to a state where the person feels less symptoms and stress. In other words, it makes life more tolerable and enjoyable while it does not affect fertility.

Menopause is a sign of aging for women that may carry emotional stress besides physical discomforts. Aging should be accepted with grace because it is a natural process that every female has to go through. The important point is to look forward to the better days ahead and enjoy more the remaining days of life. A woman going through menopause will lose fertility, but she does not lose her attractiveness which is more than all the physical aspects combined.

The physical discomforts of menopause usually involve hot flashes that come on several times a day. At night, the hot flash negatively impacts sleep and calm. It also raises the level of irritability during the day.

The hot flash is a result of the cessation of ovulation and menstruation that disturbs the balance of the female body. In some cases, the cessation may complete within a few months. For many women, it may last for a year or longer, thus stretching out the discomforts of the menopause for a long period.

A Chinese prescription for menstrual/menopause problems involves:

  • Improve blood circulation to reduce pains and cramps.
  • Cold herbs to reduce the hot flash and pimples if applicable.
  • Herbs to soothe the liver and the nerves.
  • Herbs to strengthen the kidneys and the sex organs.
  • Restore the balance between the body organs disturbed by menstrual/menopause.

April 2014