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Cancer Page

Cancer Recovery

Cancer patients are encouraged to go to the hospital for a complete checkup and diagnosis. The Western doctors there will prescribe drugs, chemotherapy, or surgery if necessary.

Chinese herbs are usually not strong enough to treat cancer. It will take a long time compared with Western methods. In a serious case like cancer, time is of the essence. So Chinese herbs perform best in the recovery process after the cancer treatment employing Western methods. Then the Chinese herbs are taken to strengthen the body, help the organs recover, and restore the proper balance of body functions disrupted by the trauma of a surgery or chemotherapy.

After the cancer has been treated or nearly cured, the patient usually suffers from adverse side effects such as fatigue, hair loss, skin rash, loss of appetite and so on. It will take a long time for the body to recover because of the major disruptions of the cancer and invasive treatments. The Chinese herbs will speed up and smooth the recovery process. Apart from specific cancer recovery, Chinese herbs are also commonly used for recovery from serious wounds, surgery, and long-term illness.

The Chinese approach to recovery from cancer or other serious illness involves:

  • Strengthen individual organs wherever necessary.
  • Nourish the blood and strengthen its circulation.
  • Restore hair lost and skin health (after chemotherapy).
  • Cleanse the blood of the remaining toxic materials (after chemotherapy).
  • Boost appetite, digestion and energy.
  • Restore the balance of body functions disturbed by the serious illness or invasive treatments.

April 2014