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REN Page

The Concept of REN

REN is a Chinese word that has no equivalent English translation. What comes closest is probably moisturize. But REN means much more than that. It means soothing, nourishing, gently enhancing, and moderately strengthening.

REN is most effective for the following: beauty enhancement, nourish skin/hair/nails, femininity, stronger lungs, coughing, sore throat, better voice, anxiety, sleeplessness, soothe the body, gradual recovery, even for curbing bad temper.

You can achieve the Ren effect through food and herbs. Regarding food, REN means those that contain moisture, soothing, light, and nourishing. They include fruits, vegetables, and something light with less grease. Something that has a little sweet taste will do, such as lemon tea with some honey or sugar added to make it delightfully sweet (not as sweet as a regular soft drink).

Regarding herbs, REN means balancing, regulating, and moderately strengthening. They mostly belong to the Neutral or Cold category. (For details, click the Concept of Hot and Cold)

Southerners like the Cantonese are very much into REN. Their great variety of sweet soups aiming to REN the body are very popular for both taste and health. (For details, click The Gentleness of Sweet Soup)

April 2014