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Virility/Libido Page

Virility/Libido Enhancement

Males tend to think of virility as sexual performance in a mechanical way to be measured by duration. For this purpose, there is Viagra or other prescription drugs that can do the job. Females have libido problems that are very different from men's. It's more complex so prescription drugs can seldom do the work.

If we think of virility/libido as a condition for real sexual enjoyment and reproduction, we must consider other aspects including age, personality match, atmosphere, mood, and the possibility of some real health problems.

Virility/libido varies with personality and circumstance. For instance, you may not yet find the right partner who will give you the spark you are looking for. On the other hand, some circumstances including a stressful situation are not conducive for you to feel any sexual desire.

Some real health conditions have a negative impact. Virility/libido usually declines with age. It becomes a special problem when a person loses sexual desire at young age, or feels that the loss of sexual desire is occurring too fast. This is where Chinese herbs come in to help. The herbs may not give you immediate results like Viagra. They help to strengthen your body, particularly the kidneys and sex organs. They also help restore some balance to your body that has been disrupted due to age or stress. The key is to restore and build up your inherent capabilities over a reasonable period of time to enable you to enjoy the physical pleasures of life.

The Chinese approach to virility involves:

  • Strengthen the kidneys and sex organs.
  • Nourish the blood and strengthen its circulation.
  • For women, regulate the menstrual cycle, or balance the menopause disruptions if applicable.
  • Boost sexual desire.
  • Restore the balance of body functions disturbed by stress.

April 2014